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You're changing lives ONE eight count at a time


Our Motto is: One Eight Count at a Time because dance and cheer moves are in an eight count. In addition we are changing everyONE of our students. However, parents know that are costume and competitions fees. We do our best not to overwhelm parents with high expenses. This why we offer a lot of fundraisers and ask for community support. This offsets cost of out of parents pockets. All community and business donations are eligible for tax deductions and more importantly helps a student follow their dreams and goals for success in their future. We realize that your donation makes a huge difference.

How Your Donation Helps

1. Off set cost so student can go to cheer and/or dance competition

2. Off set cost for student cheer uniforms and dance costumes for competitions and public performances

3. Off set cost for cheer and/or dance shoes and other basic class accessories to make a student successful

4. Off set those students who come to cheer & dance classes for free so DCDC can pay our staff, building fees, repairs, and other business fees.

We take: cash, PayPal, square/cube, checks and money orders. Mail check to: 

Re: Diamonds Cheer & Dance Company

3344 W. Sunnyview Ave

Visalia, CA 93291



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