Where We  Have Been to Where We Are Going

DCDC participates in cheer and dance competitions throughout the state and neighboring states. We do our best to provide students with cheer and dance education. Along with the same experiences a for-profit studio would provided. We also do local performances and have participated in the Christmas parade last year partnering with Moose Lodge/Moose Charities.
Our students are dedicated to learning cheer and dance.

Competiton Season One 2018-2019

KAR Competitions

We started out with four students,  in Feb. 2019, just in time for last minute competitions. We took a group routine and a duet to KAR Regional in April. The group routine won first place (which was KAR fourth place level), a Judges Choice Award for Intense Focus, and a private invite to New York Dance Experience(NYDE) for dance camp in New York. Our duet also got first place and a private invite to NYDE. We where really proud of the  NYDE invite because only 58 routines out of over 400 hundred that performed that weekend. At Nationals in Las Vegas we got the same award levels again on both routines but had a fun six day trip.

Year Two 2019-2020

The Virtual Competition Year

This year we were heading to Lake Tahoe, NV for Starbound Nationals with 5 students and four student routines and one teacher/adult routine. Unfortunately due to Covid 19, this competition was cancelled very last minute. Our board voted on letting the students go because we had already paid for our Airbnb prior to prior to finding out our event was cancelled and we could not get the money back. The students that decided to go had to pay for their own food since the competition was cancelled. It was a fun bonding trip.
Then we submitted the 5 routines to Fly Dance Competition and all routines got 3rd place with pins for each routine, one banner and DCDC ordered matching medals to go with the

Competition Season Three 2020-2021

The Start of Something New

This year we have 10 competitive students going to dance competition in Las Vegas, NV and in Fresno, CA. 8 dance routines for competitions! We are excited! Once we compete will update with results. 
We have noncompetitive students this season as well.



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