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A Local Competition in Tulare County

Just because Sway Competition is brought to you by Diamonds Cheer & Dance Company it doesn't guarantee that Diamonds Cheer & Dance Competition will win the highest placements. This competition is judged by people with integrity and high moral values. This competition is for dance and/or cheer programs/studios, ProYouth programs, K-12th Schools, Pop Warner Cheer, and local Parks and Recreation. Individual parents can register their students if they are NOT a part of any of the listed above OR their organizations has decided no to participate, check with your organization before submitting your registration. 

There will be placement awards, top overalls in each age and level division, as well as other awards.  Get excited as we bring you the fun of a new local competition!!! We can't wait to see you on the comp floor!!!

Please reach out to us via email in order to obtain all registration forms, rules, skill levels, age division, and price list to in order participate. Any child ages 4 to 19 can participate in event. Rule of age: whatever your age is on January 1st, 2023 is the age for your division level

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