Tulare County Diamonds Cheer & Dance Company (DCDC) is a Federally recognized 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization and a California Arts PB 501(C)3 Nonprofit dedicated to teaching cheer and dance. No student ages 4 to 24 are turned away. An affordable donation fee per the month is asked but not required to participate in classes. DCDC goal is to first give our students hope for a better tomorrow and secondly teach a lifelong skill that will give our students better opportunities for their future. Diamonds Cheer & Dance Company believes that students are an extension to our family. 


Our Roots: There are three Board of Directors who helped found and create Tulare County's Diamonds Cheer & Dance Company (DCDC) is a Federally 501(c)(3) Nonprofit. In-addition to Arts PB 501(c)3 Domestic Nonprofit State of California, your donation is eligible for Federal and CA State Tax Write-Offs. We became established on Feburary 26, 2019.
If you would like to view a copy of our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws please contact us via email. We will gladly provide the information.

Here at Tulare County's DCDC we teach a variety of dance and cheer. The types of dances are: tap, jazz, jazzy pop (a blend of hip hop and jazz), ballet, lyrical, and a couple of creative choreography classes based on age groups. We currently offer one class that meets for 2 hours and learns several styles of dance and cheer. This class is open to competition and non competition students. The competition students compete two to four times in the year. All students can participate in many local events and perform in our recitals (possibly three times a year: December, May and July for our summer program).



Making A Difference

Diamonds Cheer & Dance Company participates in cheer and dance competitions throughout the state and neighboring states. We do our best to provide students with cheer and dance education. Along with the same experiences a for-profit dance studio would provide. We also do local performances and have participated in the Christmas parade last year partnering with Moose Lodge/Moose Charities. 
Our students are dedicated to learning cheer and dance. Last year at our very first competition our two dance routines each won 1st place, both got a private invite to go to New York Dance Experience for a dance camp (unfortunately we couldn't go due to cost, hoping that we re-get this invite in the future to be able to go), and one routine got a Judge's Choice Award for Intense Focus.
This year we are heading to Lake Tahoe, Nevada for Starbound Nationals. We have 5 routines going to competition. 
We are a growing studio, started with 4 students last season, now we are currently at 5 students, and after this competition season I have 4 more interested in joining our studio, bringing us up to hopefully 9 students. We are not focused on our size we are focused on the quality we give them and showing them the love of cheer and dance. 


Community Donations Appericated  

One Eight Count at a Time

Our Motto is: One Eight Count at a Time because dance & cheer moves are done in eight counts. In addition we are changing lives in everyONE of our students. Most of our DCDC students come free to classes or pay a very low fee. However, parents know that there are costume and competition fees. We do our best not to overwhelm parents with high expenses. This is why we offer a lot of fundraising and ask for community support. This offsets cost of out of parents pockets. All community and business donations are eligible for tax deductions and more importantly helps a student follow their dreams and goals for success in their future. We realize that your donation makes a huge difference. 
Community donations helps in many ways:  
1.Helps off sets cost so students can go to cheer and/or dance competition. 
2. Helps offset cost for students cheer uniforms and dance costumes for competitions and public performances. 
3. Helps offset cost for students cheer and/or dance shoes and other basic accessories a student needs to take a class.
4. Helps offset those students who come to cheer & dance classes free so DCDC can pay our staff, building fees, repairs, and other business fees.
If you would like to donate via Cube/Square or PayPal please reach out to us. 

Checks and Money Orders Made Out to:Diamonds Cheer & Dance Company Mailing Address:3344 W Sunnyview Ave Visalia CA 93291


There are different fundraisers Tulare County's DCDC offers. These are some we will possibly be offering, plus many others: 1. Candy Sales 2. Popcorn Sales 3. Wake-A-Thon 4. Lunch & Dinner Events.  5. Flamingo Flocking 6. Yard Sales 7. Vendor Booth Events 

At Tulare County's Diamonds Cheer & Dance Company we offer fundraisers to help students be able to purchase cheer and/or dance class items, costumes, competition fees. This is done to offset what is not donated by the community. At Tulare County's DCDC we believe that fundraisers teaches each student that they can learn responsibility for something they enjoy doing.

Cheer & Dance Classes

Doing What We Love

Non competitive and competitive dance cheer and dance class begins the first Wednesday in September. Location 116 S Court St upstairs in the dance hall. Class runs from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. It is combined into one group. It is not a requirement to be competitive to take the class, however, we do focus on competitive routines. Non competitive students will learn routines for fun in the back rows.

A cheerleader is a dreamer who never gives up. 


Wherever a dancer stands is Holy Ground. Martha Graham


Contact Tulare County's Diamonds Cheer & Dance Company

Get in touch with Diamonds Cheer & Dance Company to learn more about classes offered and how you can get involved. Email or text is the fastest way to get ahold to of us. Thank you for your time. DCDC looks forward to hearing from you. Email: lhale2426@gmail.com 
Mail us at:
Re: Diamonds Cheer & Dance Company3344 W. Sunnyview Ave Visalia, CA 93291
Studio hours:
Wednesday's 4:30pm to 6:30pm116 S. Main Street (upstairs)

Text 559-802-8985



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